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Ensure Safety and Visibility with teeone's Safety Vests.

Stepping into a potentially hazardous environment requires an attire that prioritises safety, and our range of safety vests at teeone is designed to do just that. Embracing a perfect blend of high-visibility features and comfortable fit, these vests are crafted to keep you visible and protected. Whether you’re on a bustling construction site or directing traffic on a foggy morning, our safety vests are your go-to choice for ensuring a safe work environment. With teeone, you don’t just wear a vest, you wear a shield of visibility that stands out in every setting.


Highlighting Safety with High-Visibility and Comfortable Vests.


  • High-Visibility Meets Durability: In any high-risk environment, visibility is synonymous with safety. Our safety vests are designed with high-visibility colours and reflective strips that significantly enhance your visibility, regardless of the lighting conditions. The neon colours catch the eye during daylight, while the reflective strips ensure you're seen in low light or night-time situations.

    Beyond just visibility, durability is a core feature of our vests. Crafted with sturdy materials that can withstand the rigours of tough working environments, these vests are built to last. They resist wear and tear, ensuring they remain in top condition despite daily use. The lightweight fabric also allows for a comfortable fit without restricting movement, making it a practical choice for various professionals including construction workers, traffic controllers, and event stewards.

    Moreover, the easy-to-wear design with front zip or Velcro closures ensures a secure fit while allowing for quick donning and doffing. The wide arm openings provide ample freedom of movement, ensuring you can perform your duties without any hindrance. With teeone’s safety vests, you’re not just getting a piece of clothing, but a reliable safety companion that stands up to the challenges of your work environment.

  • Personalisation for Enhanced Corporate Identity: Teeone's safety vests offer an excellent canvas for showcasing your brand or organisation's identity. Our customisation services allow for the imprinting of logos, contact information, or any other design you wish to display. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies looking to enhance brand visibility while promoting safety among their staff.

    The printing process ensures a durable and clear representation of your design, retaining its vibrancy even after extensive use or multiple washes. This is an ideal way to maintain a professional appearance while adhering to safety regulations.

    Whether you are ordering for a small team or need a bulk order for a large workforce, we cater to all your needs with a streamlined ordering process. The option for personalisation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also fosters a sense of unity and professionalism among the team.

    Moreover, in event settings, personalised safety vests can help identify staff members easily, creating a structured and organised appearance. With teeone’s customised safety vests, you can ensure safety while making a lasting impression. Our emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction makes the process of acquiring customised safety vests hassle-free and rewarding.


Safety, Visibility, and Branding United at teeone.

At teeone, we understand the pivotal role safety vests play in ensuring the well-being and visibility of individuals in various professional settings. Our range of safety and high-visibility vests is meticulously designed to offer a reliable safety solution without compromising on comfort or the opportunity for brand promotion. The blend of quality, functionality, and personalisation makes our vests a preferred choice for many. We back our products with a 30-day money-back and a 12-month quality guarantee, reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction. The seamless online ordering experience, coupled with prompt delivery, makes procuring your safety vests from us a straightforward and reassuring process. Explore our range, customise to your heart’s content, and equip yourself or your team with safety vests that truly meet the demands of your work environment. Your safety is our priority, and our vests are a testament to this commitment. Visit teeone and step into a world where safety and branding go hand in hand, all tailored to suit your specific needs.