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Price includes cost of a Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirt in either a colour or white. Exact colour and size can be chosen with our sampling team upon ordering.

Colours in Artwork

Welcome to teeone, where we breathe life into your creative vision. Our Screen Printing service is a true blend of tradition and technology, creating vibrant prints that truly resonate. Whether you’re part of a club, school, agency, brand, or simply looking for unique personalised garments, we're here to make your vision tangible.

Our Screen Printing is so good - it's 100% Guaranteed to last for 12 Months or we'll swap like-for-like.

And now, you can sample your screen printed designs hassle free....

Just select the number of colours in your design and the colour fabric you want it sampled on and we'll get it booked in to our screen printing sampling team.  Just upload your artwork and we'll be in touch to talk through best options, sizing, inks and colours.

Screen printing sampling FAQs

Artwork should ideally be supplied as a vectored file with all fonts and strokes as outlined. File formats such as EPS, PDF and AI are preferred but if this means nothing to you then just send us what you have and we'll do our best to work with what you have or advise what might need to change for screen printing to work.

Screen printing can be applied to most garment types but is traditionally used on things like t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.

Screen printing is extremely versatile but with the latest trend in digital solutions, designs with more than 4 colours are now more cost effective to produce digitally, which is why we limit our screen printing sampling to 4 colours.

Everything is relative of course, but screen printing sampling may appear expensive but there is a lot of work involved. We have to create, expose and prepare a physical stencil (silk screen) for each colour. Each screen then needs registering on either our manual or automatic carousels, ink applied, tested and adjusted before your finished sample can be made.

It's not the quickest process which is why digital printing such as DTF transfer printing which we also supplier is becoming so popular for smaller volume orders.

However, you simply can't beat the finish of screen printing for private label brands and retail merchandising.

Why We Love Screen Printing: The Art of Versatile Impressions

Screen printing occupies a prestigious spot in the panorama of textile embellishment, celebrated for its versatility, vibrancy, and enduring appeal. At teeone, our affinity for screen printing is driven by its unique capacity to marry traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, enabling the creation of striking, high-quality prints across a wide array of garments and materials. Here’s an exploration into why screen printing continues to be a cornerstone of our business and a favoured choice among clients across sectors.

Vibrant Colours That Pop.

One of the most compelling aspects of screen printing is its ability to produce exceptionally vibrant and rich colours that stand out. The technique allows for a high level of colour saturation that few other printing methods can match, making it ideal for designs that demand attention. At teeone, we utilise premium inks to ensure that every print is not just seen but remembered, maintaining its colour integrity wash after wash.

Unrivalled Durability for Lasting Impressions.

Durability is key in the world of printed apparel, and screen printing excels in this domain. The inks used in screen printing create a bond with the fabric that is unparalleled, resulting in designs that last as long as the garment itself. This makes screen printing an excellent option for workwear, promotional merchandise, and any application where longevity is paramount. Our clients at teeone value the peace of mind that comes with knowing their message or brand will remain vibrant over time.

Exceptional Versatility Across Mediums.

Screen printing’s adaptability is another reason we champion this method. Capable of being applied to almost any material—from cotton and polyester to metal and plastic—screen printing opens up a world of possibilities for branding and personalisation. Whether it’s creating uniformity among team apparel, producing standout event merchandise, or crafting unique personal projects, screen printing provides a flexible solution to meet diverse needs.

Customisation at Its Best.

The bespoke nature of screen printing is where creativity meets functionality. With the ability to mix custom ink colours and utilise various techniques, we can create unique, tailored designs that truly capture the essence of a brand or individual’s vision. This level of customisation allows our clients at teeone to experiment and innovate, ensuring that each project is as unique as their requirements.

A Sustainable Printing Solution.

At teeone, we are acutely aware of the environmental impact of our services, which is why we love screen printing for its potential for sustainability. By using eco-friendly inks and adopting responsible printing practices, we minimise waste and energy use, contributing to a greener planet. Our commitment to sustainability through screen printing reflects our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding our clients' expectations for environmentally conscious production.

The Personal Touch of Craftsmanship.

Screen printing is as much an art as it is a science, involving hands-on craftsmanship that adds a personal touch to every project. This human element ensures that each print is meticulously checked for quality, guaranteeing that the final product isn’t just produced but crafted with care and precision. This artisanal aspect of screen printing is something we at teeone take great pride in, offering our clients a service that combines the best of technology with the irreplaceable value of human skill.


Screen printing represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, providing a robust, versatile, and vibrant solution for textile and material decoration. Its appeal lies in its ability to deliver high-quality, durable, and striking designs that cater to a wide range of applications, from promotional merchandise and corporate branding to personal projects and beyond. At teeone, our passion for screen printing is driven by the endless possibilities it offers, enabling us to bring our clients’ visions to life with precision, creativity, and a commitment to sustainability. In the dynamic world of print, screen printing stands out as a technique that truly has it all.

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