FREE Hooded Sweatshirts

FREE Hooded Sweatshirts
A brief history of the hooded sweatshirt (aka hoodie).

Welcome to the intriguing tale of the beloved hooded sweatshirt! This iconic and oh-so-cozy wardrobe staple traces its roots back to the early 20th century when athletes sought a solution to keep warm and snuggly during chilly training sessions.

The ingenious combination of a sweat-absorbing jersey and a nifty hood eventually gave birth to this fashion marvel! As its popularity grew, the hooded sweatshirt evolved from gymnasiums to the streets, becoming a must-have for everyone seeking comfort with a touch of urban flair. Embraced by trendsetters and fashionistas alike, this garment continues to reinvent itself, proving that fashion and function can go hand in hand! So, next time you slip into your trusty hoodie, remember the delightful origins that make it a timeless classic.

B&C Collection (5 stars plus eco)

Organic Hoodie

WOW, this some hoodie! The B&C Organic Hooded sweatshirt is a truly awesome hoodie, oozing in style, quality and ethical credentials. Made from 80% Organic cotton mixed with 20% RCS certified recycled polyester this hoodie will make you look awesome whilst protecting our planet's resources.

The B&C Organic Hooded sweatshirt is the perfect choice for retailers or all sizes or environmentally conscious brands and organisations.

A very popular choice for the education sector, the Organic Hooded Sweatshirt allows universities and colleges to provide students and staff with the very best in sustainable and ethically produced garments.

Available in and astounding 14 colours and sizes from Small to 3XL.

AWDis JustHoods (5 stars)

Heavyweight hoodie

It's not often that our top 3 garments in a category all come from the same brand but we simply couldn't leave the AWDis JustHoods Heavyweight hoodie off our hand picked list of the best hooded sweatshirts the UK has to offer.

The Daddy of the JustHoods range, the Heavyweight hoodie is a comfortable, over-the-head style wardrobe essential for all hoodie lovers.

Designed with a relaxed fit, and constructed from heavyweight soft-touch fabric to keep the you warm and snug. The flat chunky drawcords add yet another premium feature to this hoodie.

Perfect for screen printing, hi-definition embroidery and our latest addition to our print range, Direct to Film (DTF).

Available in 10 colours and sizes from Extra Small to 3XL.

AWDis JustHoods (4 stars)

Varsity hoodie

When talking about hoodies this massively popular and versatile Varsity hoodie is always on the best seller list. The brother of the College hoodie from AWDis JustHoods, the Varsity hoodie takes all the standout features from the UK's best selling hoodie and throws a two-tone finish in to the mix!

The vast number of colour combinations means any business, club, team, school, college or university will be able to find their exact colours in this Varsity hoodie.

Combine it with our cutting edge Screen Printing, High-Definition Embroidery, Direct to Garment (DTG) or Direct to Film (DTF) printing for a stunning hoodie that perfectly represents your colours!

Available in 43 two-tone contrast colours in sizes from Extra Small to 5XL.

AWDis JustHoods (3 stars)

College hoodie

When it comes to hoodies there can be no question that the JustHoods brand from AWDis is hard to beat. The College hoodie is the perfect hoodie for teams, clubs, schools and workwear when purchasing in bulk. For leavers hoodies and freshers hoodies there is almost no other choice.

With 87 colours and sizes to 5XL you will always find the perfect colour for your business, school, university or team.

Made from cotton faced fabric ideal for decoration purposes, it is an essential for any hoodie lover.

Available in mind bending 87 colours and sizes from Small to 5XL.

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We rate our products based on 20+ years of history and have made it super easy to select your FREE t-shirt samples by applying a simple star rating to each hoodie.

All our hoodies start at a minimum 3 star rating (for cheap and nasty you'll have to go elsewhere), and go up to 5 stars and then 5 stars plus sustainably certified.

We want you to get samples of hoodies you want, so you can pick both a size and colour to add to your FREE sample box.