teeone review by Greg Nelson

by Mat Henderson on Aug 30, 2023

Greg Nelson

Corporate purchase for 🚫🚫🚫.

We'd be a bit daft to give out all our customer details on our site so if you want to find out more about Greg's purchase and review then call our team on 01793 881333.

How well did we do on your last order?
How well did we look after you before you ordered?
How quickly did you get your order?
How happy are you with the items you received?


What specific aspect of teeone's service impressed you the most, and how has it impacted your business or organisation?

"Was very pleased with the service and quality of the merchandise provided by the company. I had requested a personalised Polo shirt to be prepared and delivered within a tight deadline, and was truly delighted to have received the item in a timely manner. The workmanship and quality of materials were also of a very high standard.

I could wholeheartedly recommend the company and would have no hesitation in purchasing other items from the same supplier again."


How would you describe your overall experience with teeone, and why would you recommend us to others?

"Excellent. Would certainly recommend the company to others."

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