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Professional Salon Gowns: Your Guard Against Snips and Snags.

Step into the daily rhythm of salon life with assurance, adorned in teeone’s professional salon gowns. Our collection is meticulously crafted to offer an ideal blend of protection, comfort, and professionalism. Whether you're a stylist at a bustling salon or a client awaiting a transformation, our gowns are designed to keep you covered from stray snips, dye drops, and the myriad elements of the hairstyling world. The fusion of functional design with the ease of movement and the opportunity for branding through our imprint and embroidery services make these gowns a staple in modern salons. Discover the essence of professional grooming with teeone’s salon gowns, where every fold is a promise of quality and every seam a commitment to your salon’s brand.


Distinctive Features of Our Salon Gown Collection.


  • Durable and Protective Material: The backbone of our salon gown collection at teeone is the durable and protective material from which they are crafted. We understand the dynamic and sometimes messy environment of a salon, hence we have chosen materials that act as a reliable barrier against spills, stains, and snips. Our gowns are designed to provide an excellent level of protection to clothing underneath from hair clippings, dyes, water, and other salon products.

    The material is not only protective but also long-lasting, ensuring that the gowns retain their look and functionality even after prolonged use and numerous wash cycles. It's a blend of durability and protection that makes our gowns a trusted choice among professionals.

    Moreover, the fabric is lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort for both the stylist and the client. Despite its lightness, the material is robust, providing the necessary shield against the common spills and splashes encountered in a salon setting.

    At teeone, we believe that a good salon gown should not only protect but also convey a sense of professionalism. The quality of our gowns reflects the high standards of the services provided, making a positive impression on clients while ensuring a comfortable and clean work environment for salon professionals.


  • Customisation and Branding Opportunities: In the bustling environment of a salon, creating a cohesive and professional image is crucial. Our salon gowns at teeone provide an excellent canvas for branding, enabling salons to display their logo or slogan prominently. Through our advanced imprint and embroidery services, we offer ample opportunities for personalisation and branding. Whether you prefer a subtle logo at the chest, a large emblem on the back, or even a pattern across the gown, our customisation options ensure your brand is represented the way you envision.

    Moreover, the high-quality imprint and embroidery ensure that the designs remain vibrant and intact even with the daily rigors of salon life and frequent laundering. This level of customisation not only enhances the professional appearance of your salon but also promotes a sense of brand identity and unity among the staff.

    Furthermore, the variety in styles, sizes, and colours of our gowns allows for a better alignment with your salon’s aesthetic and branding theme. The option to personalise extends beyond just branding, it allows for a level of uniqueness and differentiation in a competitive market.

    At teeone, we strive to provide salon gowns that serve as a functional, comfortable, and stylish extension of your brand. Our commitment to quality and satisfaction ensures that your salon not only operates smoothly but looks good doing it, making a lasting impression on clients and staff alike.


Seamless Salon Operations with teeone's Gown Collection.

Immerse in the daily vibrancy of salon operations with an extra layer of protection and professionalism, courtesy of teeone’s salon gown collection. Our 30-day money-back and 12-month quality guarantees are a testimony to the trust and satisfaction we aim to provide with every gown. The seamless online ordering process, complemented by our prompt delivery, makes gearing up for a salon day efficient and hassle-free. At teeone, we take pride in offering salon gowns that extend beyond mere functionality; they are a reflection of your salon’s ethos, a canvas for your brand, and a commitment to providing a clean and comfortable salon experience. Our collection invites you to explore, select, and personalise gowns that resonate with your salon’s ambiance and operational needs. Venture into our range, discover the blend of functionality, style, and brand representation, and let teeone be a partner in elevating your salon’s professional image. Your journey towards a well-equipped, stylish, and brand-aligned salon begins here, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.